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Celebrating Ten Years

Emantra has organised its public cloud centric services under a new brand "Cloudable".
Cloudable shares Emantra's pool of expertise and facilities in enterprise private hosting, and offers bundled and optional services including local support and product enhancements, and a mature hybrid computing capability.


Outcomes through Technology.


Emantra hosts applications, platforms and infrastructure using the "as a service" model from premier data centres located in Australia. Your choice of physical or virtual machines, and dedicated or multi-tenanted software instances. Delivered through multiple diverse gigabit gateways certified to PROTECTED level to the internet, private network or VPNs. These high-availability services, from full-touch to low-touch, carry a financially backed SLA tailored to your critical requirements. Emantra’s customers, including many government agencies and large corporate entities, are drawn to its agility, service flexibility and the quality of its local care and attention.


As an Australian Cloud Solution Provider partner of Microsoft, Emantra can curate and support your implementation of Office365, Skype for Business, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Azure. From guidance, discovery, benchmarking and recommendation to migration, testing, implementation and ongoing hand-holding at the level you choose. We manage these services using the same skills learned from ten years of private hosting and case study involvement with Microsoft. Partner with Emantra to benefit from the global scale and sophistication of Microsoft’s cloud combined with Australian compliance, productivity enhancements, integration and dedicated local support.


Emantra provides integration and satellite services to customers with a hybrid of on-premise, private hosting and public cloud computing resources. We design, implement and support such architectures which achieve goals of simplicity, cost saving, and reliability. Our services can largely replace your in-house IT cost centre, or help you rationalise its ongoing role. From a user perspective, the best hybrid solutions are invisible. Careful attention is therefore required to access and identity management, rights management and the integration of diverse resources in a secure manner. This is a new and developing field, one where Emantra is building a leading Australian capability.

Full Service Hosting

Emantra has the skills and perspective gained as an enterprise hosting practitioner for ten years. We now bring that experience to bear in the public cloud arena.
Full service hosting means that we are able to exploit the best of both technologies to deliver your optimal solution. Few others can do this. Emantra’s services are utilised directly by customers or channelled through some of the largest system integrators, developers, and SaaS software vendors in the country. We are privately owned and proudly Australian. We invest in local jobs, facilities and suppliers. Read below about some of our featured services or call us on 1300 728 953 anytime for more information. Initial consultations are always free and without obligation.

Featured Services

All served with 24/7 technical support.

Private Hosting

Australian, PROTECTED level

Microsoft Collaboration 2016

Exchange, SharePoint, Skype.

Support and Enhancement

A local accountable partner.

Hosting for Government

Onshore, compliant, secure.

Hybrid Solutions

One window to rule them all.

CMS for Government

Hosted Drupal aGov websites.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

Identity, BYOD, security.

Managed Migration

Are we there yet?

Calls and Conferencing

Skype for Business.

Backup and immutable storage

Smart, scalable, secure.

Managed IaaS

Optimise, manage, monitor.

DLM Tagging

Compliance for private and public cloud.


Our Journey.

  • 2005

    Vision and Inception.

    Emantra was founded in 2005. Our vision from the outset is to deliver smarter business outcomes using the best new technologies.

  • 2006

    Microsoft Gold Partner.

    Emantra rose to prominence as a trusted national hosting provider and was awarded Microsoft Gold Partner status in 2006. Deloitte gave us a Rising Star Award this year.

  • 2008

    Deloitte Fast 50 Winner.

    We are awarded first place in the Australian edition of the Deloitte Fast 50 program as the fastest growing Australian technology company over the last three years.

  • 2009

    Polaris Data Centre.

    Emantra becomes an anchor tenant in the Polaris Data Centre at Springfield in Queensland upon its opening in January 2009. Polaris is a Tier3+ facility jointly developed by the Queensland Government and private enterprise.

  • 2010

    Microsoft Hosting Solution Partner of the Year.

    Emantra wins its second Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. We are also selected as a Case Study Partner for Microsoft’s launch of its new Systems Centre and Hyper-V technologies in Australia.

  • 2011

    Australian Government Hosting.

    Emantra opens its Canberra office and commences hosting operations for the Australian Government from its dedicated infrastructure within the premier data centre in the ACT.

  • 2012

    Gateways certified to PROTECTED level.

    The Emantra-owned gateways in Polaris and Canberra are certified by the Australian Signals Directorate to PROTECTED level. Emantra is one of only a handful of Australian service providers to have achieved this standard of security accreditation.

  • 2013

    New partnerships.

    Emantra invests in new skills and partnerships with Amazon Web Services, F5 and VMware to further broaden its enterprise capabilities.

  • 2014

    Government Panel listings

    Emantra adds its services to government procurement panels as they mature to embrace private hosting services. New listings this year include the AG Cloud Services Panel and the QG Electronic Communications and Collaboration Panel.

  • 2015

    Emantra turns 10!

    Emantra celebrates ten years of constant growth with thanks to its loyal customers and terrific staff and suppliers.


What makes us different makes us better.

Premium onshore facilities

Emantra houses its services in the best data centres in Australia. Tier 3+ rating, ASIO T4 security certified. Interconnected by Emantra-owned dark-fibre for dual-active capability and real-time backup. All Emantra services are onshore located.

Gateway certification

Emantra maintains PROTECTED level gateways certified by the ASD at its data centres to satisfy the mandate of many if its Government customers. This higher level of monitoring and control brings benefits to all Emantra customers.


Emantra is a pure-play hosting provider. We partner with the nation’s best integrators, developers, telcos and software vendors, but are independent of all. Thus we can select the best of what the market has to offer in building your solution.


Our SLAs are clear, fair and meaningful. They are customised to fit your need for guaranteed uptime, response, performance and other critical parameters. We will agree on them up-front, monitor them 24/7, and back them financially.

Privacy Compliance

All Emantra services are compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles, and we have strict internal policies on data handling. The integrity of your data and service is paramount. Emantra can design and deliver services which meet other specific standards such as HIPAA and NESAF.

Technical depth

Emantra has a ten-year heritage in hosting enterprise services. We are not simply a reseller or a consultant: we are a seasoned practitioner with the technical depth and experience to match much larger organisations, but at a size which gives us superior agility.

Emantra welcomes partnerships with progressive developers, integrators, ISVs and telcos of compatible standard who share our service and customer commitment.

Ten Years

Bringing the global cloud home.

Emantra’s heritage and core competency lies in private hosting. Highly secure and resilient services for bespoke needs. Australian located, built to order, full local support by a team you know and trust. Emantra owns and operates the infrastructure, managing all aspects of service security, uptime, connectivity, maintenance, monitoring, patching, and back-up. Certified and trusted by Government, and with a national clienete of agencies and corporates.

Over the last ten years, Emantra has used this proven "as a service" model to help dozens of clients realise the benefits of new technologies well beyond that which their own resources could provide. We are proud to continue as a leader in that field today.

The global public cloud is a more recent development which some think will replace private hosting. We don't think so. It will be be disruptive but it will also drive a lot of constructive progress. The global cloud makes perfect sense for commodity IT services at high volume to millions of customers.

Private hosting however will always have a home where customers are looking for more than the lowest headline price: where qualitative factors such as your security profile, definitive compliance, service flexibility, customised integration, back-up facilities count for value, and where face-to-face trust is vital.

The value of Emantra today lies not only in its private hosting pedigree but more importantly in its ability to bring that expertise to bear to enhance and "Australianise" the global services emerging today. To bring the global cloud home, if you like.

So that’s where Emantra’s focus will be in the next Ten Years. We hope we'll see you along the way!

Customer Testimonials

In our customer's own words.

Digital Transformation Agency

The Digital Transformation Agency is an executive agency that sits within the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio. It is charged with leadership, coordination and advisory roles to assist the Australian Government in the realm of the emerging digital economy. DTA chose Emantra to host its digital workflow and digital asset sharing platforms, both critical elements of its strategy, because of its strong fit with the certification, systems and controls we needed for the solutions.


XVT is a business analyst, solution architect and software development firm which delivers, amongst other services, the NSW Government’s Online Planing System using the Emantra managed hosting platform. “Emantra gave us the ready facilities, tools and systems to stand up the solution in good time and on budget. Their support along the way has been exceptional." said Lawrence Howson, XVT Principal.


Unidap Solutions is an innovative software developer and integrator with a successful range of web and mobile apps with an international clientele. Emantra supports the infrastructure needs of Unidap and the delivery of their Software as a Service model. Unidap CEO Gavin Sigley comments: “Emantra has shown a preparedness and flexibility to assist in a number of contexts, and their reliability and resilience of their systems has added to the success of Unidap’s product range.”



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P 1300 728 953
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