Sovereign Solutions for K-12 Institutions

In the changing world of education, embracing technology and online learning is not just an option but now a necessity. With students more tech savvy than ever before, keeping abreast of tech advancements and providing new opportunities for learning can be tricky. Compounded by the need to provide parents with assurance that their children’s online activities are safe and their information secure, this can be a real challenge for IT teams in educational institutions.

Sovereign Solutions provide tailored, secure, and compliant alternative to public cloud services, addressing the unique needs of K-12 schools. From data sovereignty and enhanced security to customisation for educational workloads and reliable support, these solutions empower IT managers to build a robust and secure digital infrastructure for their institutions.

why Should SCHOOLS consider sovereign services?

Data sovereignty and compliance

You retain control over your educational data, ensuring it resides within your jurisdiction. This is crucial for compliance with data protection and privacy regulations in the education sector.

Enhanced security measures

Prioritize the security of your educational institution. Unlike public cloud services that cater to a broad range of industries, our solutions are tailored specifically for the unique challenges faced by K-12 schools. This allows for robust security measures that address the specific needs of educational environments, minimising vulnerabilities and protecting sensitive student and administrative data.

customisation for educational workloads

Designed with the K-12 education sector in mind, offering customised features and configurations that cater specifically to the requirements of schools. This ensures optimal performance, scalability, and efficiency for educational IT environments.

reliAble performance and uptime

Educational institutions require consistent and reliable access to digital resources. Sovereign solutions prioritise uptime and performance, providing a dedicated and controlled environment that minimises the risk of performance fluctuations caused by sharing resources with unrelated workloads.

dedicated support and collaboration

Unlike the impersonal nature of public cloud support, our team is dedicated to understanding the specific needs of educational IT managers. This ensures timely assistance, expert guidance, and a collaborative approach to problem solving.

three considerations for education institutions

Sovereign Cloud Hosting: Security with flexibility

Elevate your school's digital infrastructure with our Sovereign Cloud Hosting. Our cloud solutions provide a secure and flexible environment for your educational data. With data sovereignty, your institution gains control over its information, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, allowing for seamless collaboration, scalability, and heightened security.

Sovereign Back Up as a Service: Safeguarding Educational Assets

Sovereign Backup as a Service guarantees the safety of your critical data. Automated backup solutions ensure that your data is protected and recoverable. Whether it's student records, lesson plans, or administrative files, this provides an uninterrupted learning experiences for your students.

Sovereign SASE: Transform Network Security

In the realm of education, a secure and reliable network is paramount. Sovereign SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) provides a comprehensive solution combines connectivity, security services, and WAN capabilities, creating a robust and adaptive infrastructure.

why emantra?

Tailored for Education

Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of K-12 schools, providing a bespoke approach to data management and security.

Data Sovereignty Assurance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is sovereign and complies with regulatory requirements, ensuring the utmost protection for sensitive information.

Expert Support

Our team is committed to supporting your institution with more support from integration and operation than the public cloud.

Ready to embark on a journey towards a secure, scalable, and sovereign educational environment?

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About Emantra

At Emantra we understand the unique challenges educational institutions face in maintaining data integrity, security, and accessibility. We are an Australian Managed Service Provider with offices in Brisbane and Canberra and a national footprint of owned infrastructure. Since its founding in September 2005, Emantra has grown from being one of Australia’s first and largest Microsoft Software-as-a-Service partners to now operating its services from both Sovereign and Cloud platforms across Australia and New Zealand, and playing a prominent role in hosting and cyber security.