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Secure Hosting

Emantra is one of the few Australian managed service providers to offer both privately hosted and public cloud services, and a hybrid combination of both.  We believe each has their advantages and will match these with your requirements.  For example, privately hosted solutions can typically offer more bespoke design, Australian compliance and full local support, the cloud can typically offer more in terms of elasticity, huge volumes and data science.

Sovereign Hosting

Sovereign Hosting has been Emantra’s core competency since 2005.  Our heritage is in Microsoft Software as a Service at Gold Partner level.

Our hosting services have developed from that into very-high-availability IRAP-assessed data storage and compute platforms.

The data centre facilities we use are ASD-Certified “Sovereign”, located, owned and controlled in Australia,, to at least a Tier3+ standard as defined by the Uptime Institute, which can offer upwards of five-9’s guaranteed availability.  We have a national footprint of production and back-up data centres with encrypted interconnectivity using private gigabit fibre.

The data centres’s physical security and operations are under the care of their respective owners, each of whom have ISO9000 and ISO27000 accreditation, sustainability targets and where possible use renewable power sources.  Emantra owns and controls the server and network kit located within those data centres to host our services.

We build dedicated and multi-tenanted environments on physical or virtual kit, to suit customer requirement. Hosting services include gateways, including Secure Internet Gateways and other border protection, web front ends, and back-end compute and storage platforms.  Our premier services are IRAP-assessed at PROTECTED (ISM) level.

Emantra’s hosting services are not just infrastructure-as-a-service.  We provide the full stack of governance and management responsibilities including maintenance and warranty, upgrade path, patching, monitoring logging and alert, back-up, disaster recovery and 24/7 service desk.

Our hosting services can be published through the internet, Private IP, VPN and ICON.  They can interconnect with on-premise or multi-cloud platforms.

SLA’s typically specify guaranteed performance, uptime, RTO, RPO and response time, and are backed by service credits.

Managed Cloud

Beginning in 2014 with the emergence of the global public clouds such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Emantra commenced deployment of certain services on these platforms. 

While the public cloud may not meet all Australian sovereign or privacy mandates especially at classified data level, it can be superior in terms of sheer scale, instant surge capability or data science or artificial intelligence requirements.

Emantra uses the same tools, processes and controls in the public cloud as with its sovereign hosted services.  All public cloud deployments are virtual.