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What we do

Emantra is an Australian Sovereign Cloud and Managed Security Services Provider.

Established in 2005, Emantra specialises in the enablement of Secure Cloud services through it’s comprehensive Sovereign Cloud Hosting, Secure Access Service Edge, and managed services, focusing on networks, security and general application support. 

Emantra also provides secure private label solutions to enable MSSPs to provide security as a service to their customers.

what we do


Emantra is your front line, protecting your digital domain, platforms, systems and data.

We address three key outcomes being the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of your data. We deliver value through ensuring better business efficiencies, a sharper competitive edge, solid reputation, assured compliance and social responsibility.

Emantra has provided sovereign hosting and cyber management services of national security significance to the Australian Government since 2012.  All up our experience in modern internet technologies extends back to 2005.

Our services are templated on the rigour of the ISO27000 series standards, the Australian Information Security Manual, the NIST Cyber Resilience Framework and ITIL Version 4 Service Management. Our staff are AGSVA-vetted (Baseline to NV-2) and credentialed in all modern tools. We are ready to go!

From the top down, we offer a complete Cyber Resilience Framework solution supplemented by a number of integrated and modular services. From the bottom up, we offer an entry level cyber gap analysis and report which is a great place to start when considering your organisation’s cyber maturity and needs.

how we do it

Emantra offers bespoke or templated services on dedicated or shared instances, using physical or virtual machines. We use IRAP-assessed service templates to lower the cost of implementation and expedite delivery. In any case, we will tailor the service to your need: no wastage, no gaps.

Emantra is an SME with energy and ambition.

All our services are resourced and managed in Australia and are subject to Australian laws and jurisdictions. We use a national footprint of sovereign Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centres interconnected by an owned fibre network. We guarantee our work through strong SLA Agreements.

Above all, Emantra offers a commitment to earn trust as a partner in your future.

What We Offer


All services are delivered, resourced and managed from Australia and are subject to Australian laws and jurisdictions. Certain global cloud services may also be subject to foreign jurisdiction. Our services are fully managed and delivered on a subscription basis.

our core competencies


Sovereign Cloud Hosting

Emantra maintains a national footprint of Australian-owned Tier 3+/4 data centres interconnected by our own fibre network.  From those locations we host Private IaaS, PasS and SaaS services designed to achieve and exceed very high levels of availability (99.99%+). 

Our infrastructure and ITIL-based operations have been IRAP-assessed to PROTECTED level.  All hosting services sit behind Emantra’s Secure Internet Gateway.  Flexible architectures are available including load balanced, dual-active, hyper-converged, dedicated or shared instance, virtual or physical machines. 

Our Australian NOC/SOC  provides the services with all operating responsibilities such as monitoring, patching and back-ups as well as incident response and MAC requests.  The service desk staffed by AGSVA-vetted technicians to NV-2 level and features 24/7 escalation of P1 incidents. 

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Enterprise Cyber Risk Management

Emantra offers a range of bespoke and templated managed cyber defence services designed primarily to protect against business disruption, loss or compromise of data, and assuring compliance with stakeholder expectations and regulation. 

These range from short-term Project services such as cybermaturity assessment, cyber health check, gap-analysis and pathway recommendations, to long-term outsourced Managed Services covering elements such as SIG, SOC and SIEM. 

Emantra’s templated services can be supplemented by the optional features of our ECRM Toolkit. 

We partner with selected market-leading software vendors to wrap their specialist technologies in our managed service fabric.

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Managed Cloud

Based on the processes and disciplines built for our Sovereign Hosting services, and supported by the same resources, Emantra also offers the management and deployment of your Azure, AWS or GCP footprint. 

We are experienced in cloud-native tools such as Azure AD and Sentinel.  We can manage multi-cloud environments using hybrid architecture.  We have intra-datacentre cross-connects with Azure and a DirectConnect onramp to the AWS cloud. 

Emantra is a partner of these cloud vendors and can engage their premium support and devops capabilities when needed.

If you need local attention and expertise in the global cloud, Emantra can deliver it.

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Since 2022, Emantra has offered stand-alone practitioner-based Consulting services that leverage our seventeen-year experience in network operations and cyber security. 

Consulting is offered in

  • Review and Advisory
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Structure and Documentation
  • Information Management
  • Cost and Economics. 


Our consultants are practitioners, not academics.  We do not consult in fields in which we do not operate or in tools and solutions we do not use ourselves.  

Preferred vendor Partners

Preferred vendor partners

Emantra specialises in services built on these selected technologies.  We believe these provide the best solutions and facilities in the Australian market.  Emantra has invested in training and expertise with these partners: in some cases, we have been with them since our inception.

These products typically require expert installation, configuration and integration, which is what we manage.  These are the tools we use to protect our own sovereign hosting business which supports several national platforms of critical infrastructure.

We are ready to go!

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