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Sovereign Cloud Hosting

Emantra is one of a few Australian managed service providers to offer Sovereign Cloud hosting and Managed public cloud services, or a hybrid combination of both. 

Each of these platforms has its demonstrable advantages.

Emantra’s Sovereign Cloud  solutions can typically offer more bespoke service design, deeper supply chain management and data sovereignty compliance, cost advantages over the long term, and full local support. Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS can offer more in terms of elasticity, instant scalability, global footprint and quicker accessibility to advanced capabilities such as AI.

Emantra’s technical consultants are experts in a mix of public and private cloud technology offerings, and after analysing your needs, we can help you with a recommendation that suits your organisation’s unique requirements, including budget, security and compliance, and desired technologies.

Emantra applies the same ISO27001 principles and ISM security controls across it’s mixed public and Sovereign Cloud environments, ensuring a like for like security approach. Management of your services can include a mix of application support, SOC team and general support desk service.


Sovereign Cloud has been Emantra’s core competency since 2005.

Emantra operates its own private hosting platforms housed within secure tenancies in Tier 3 or 4 Australian-owned and controlled data centres nationwide, which are interconnected by Emantra’s edge and core networks.

Offering scalable physical and virtual machines, and dedicated or multi-tenanted instances, Emantra has the capability to host and manage your critical business applications and websites, or provide you with your own private cloud offering, with connectivity options to bridge your environment to the hyperscale Google, AWS and Azure public cloud environments. 

Emantra’s Australian NOC & SOC offers 24/7 automated monitoring and alerting,  full business hours technical support and customer response, and after-hours escalation of P1 & P2 security incidents. Emantra offers a minimum uptime SLA of 99.5% for all network and server infrastructure.

With investment in security from the ground up, Emantra’s platforms are designed to comply with the Australian Information Security Manual (ISM) at the PROTECTED level.

Emantra is an ISO 27001-certified entity and maintains a commitment to continual service improvement.