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ecrm templated services

Emantra offers a range of templated services that cover all fundamental aspects of a robust Cyber Resilience Framework.

These are curated and integrated services using a proven template of preferred software tools, managed by Emantra, delivered under one contract and SLA.  If you need an upgrade in one area or another or need an additional function entirely, Emantra offers a premium range of tools in its Cyber Toolkit, which you can choose and add to these services.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to fitting an ECRM solution to your needs, these templated services will give you thorough coverage of the fundamental components.

The advantage these umbrella solutions offer is their quality of integration, standard consistency, efficiency of scope (no overlap, no gap), access to common high-level support facilities and expertise, and a single point of service management.  The services can be integrated into your ITSM or service desk if you have one.

Their other advantage is that they enjoy a low cost of provision because of their repeatable nature and sharing of common resources.

The services are managed by Emantra out of its 24/7 Australian NOC/SOC using the ITIL service delivery framework and will respond and report at your CISO or executive level.  From experience, services of this type must be endorsed by your business leaders.  Other than that support, they are fully managed and self-contained and do not require a significant ongoing commitment of your resources.

Although these are pre-templated services, we recommend you allow thirty days before implementation so Emantra can conduct a proper discovery and business analysis.  We want to make sure you receive optimal value for your money.

Please call Emantra on 1300 728 953 to find out more.

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