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enterprise cyber risk management - ECRM services

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In addition to our templated ECRM services, Emantra offers a range of premium cyber risk management solutions on a fully managed “as-a-Service” basis.  These tools are either hosted by Emantra or are vendor cloud-native solutions managed by Emantra. They supplement the functionality or add new feature sets to our templated services under the same SLA contract and local support fabric.

The tools are selected to add a deeper capability to one aspect or another of cyber security. We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to fitting an ECRM solution to your needs. These tools are proven to work well together to provide that flexibility. They are available to supplement Emantra’s SOC-as-a-Service offering or on a stand-alone basis.

Emantra’s service includes licensing, installation, integration and configuration of this software and its monitoring and management over time.  Tailored reporting and 24/7 escalation is available.

Our staff are qualified in these products to the MSP level, and we can access high-level vendor support if required for fine-tuning and devops work.

These are specialist and sophisticated services.  Before  their implementation, Emantra will conduct an OEM-approved discovery and business analysis phase to ensure you get optimal value.  This pre-commission activity can involve about a thirty day lead time.

Please call Emantra on 1300 728 953 to express interest.

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