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Emantra joins ACSC Partner Program

In today’s interconnected world, businesses face unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. As organisations strive to protect their sensitive data and systems from ever-evolving threats, partnering with leading cybersecurity providers becomes imperative. Emantra, a renowned industry player known for its cutting-edge solutions, has recently joined the ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) Partner Program. This strategic move is set to provide significant benefits to Emantra’s clients, empowering them with enhanced cybersecurity measures. In this blog post, we will explore three key advantages clients can expect from Emantra’s participation in the ACSC Partner Program.

What Emantra’s ACSC Partner Program Membership means for our clients

Emantra’s services and solutions focus on cyber risk management, resiliency and readily available intelligence about new and emerging threats. Our clientele range from federal government, schools, and general commercial businesses, with a range of different security compliance requirements. Leveraging our partnership will provide our new and existing customers with additional valuable information and best practice knowledge from the program.

Access to Advanced Threat Intelligence and Expertise

By joining the ACSC Partner Program, Emantra gains access to an extensive repository of threat intelligence, research, and best practices curated by the Australian Cyber Security Centre. This collaboration enables Emantra to stay at the forefront of emerging cybersecurity threats, trends, and mitigation strategies. Leveraging this knowledge, Emantra can offer its clients unparalleled insights into evolving threat landscapes, ensuring proactive detection and protection against emerging threats.

The direct access to ACSC’s experts also enhances Emantra’s capabilities in responding to cyber incidents promptly. Emantra’s clients can rest assured knowing that they have a trusted partner equipped with the latest information, tools, and techniques to mitigate risks and minimize the potential impact of cyberattacks.

Strengthened Security Posture Through Collaboration

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, organisation need to continuously evaluate and strengthen their security posture. The ACSC Partner Program equips Emantra with valuable resources to enhance its cybersecurity offerings, enabling clients to bolster their security posture effectively. Through collaboration opportunities, Emantra has access to special briefings, workshops and events, and cybersecurity exercises.

Through this partnership, Emantra can leverage the ACSC’s expertise in establishing robust security frameworks, implementing best practices, and adhering to industry standards. Emantra’s clients can benefit from comprehensive security assessments, gap analysis, and tailored recommendations to improve their cybersecurity maturity. This, in turn, helps organisations achieve and maintain compliance with relevant regulatory requirements, industry guidelines, and international cybersecurity standards.

Resource Sharing

Through the Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing (CTIS) program, Emantra’s customers benefit from collaborative intelligence sharing, feeding into Emantra’s managed security services and our customer systems. Leveraging this threat intelligence directly in our managed SIEM as-a-service platform, our SIEM and SOC customers benefit from the intelligence generated by other Australian security firms and businesses who participate in the program. This collaborative approach to intelligence ensures that Australian cyber security teams have the latest and most relevant and up to date information on emerging threats.

How Emantra can help you be more Cyber Resilient

Our cyber risk management capabilities are based off our long history of delivering sovereign and high-security cloud and hosting solutions in Australia. Emantra uses this experience to help Australian business strengthen their cyber resilience and ‘secure our future’.

Our cyber risk management services include:

  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Cyber Incident Post Incident Review (PIR)
  • Gap Analysis and Threat/Risk Assessment
  • ISO27001 Readiness Assessment and Guidance
  • ASD Essential 8 Maturity Uplift and Assessment
  • Virtual CISO Advisory Services
  • System Security Architecture Review and Advisory
  • Managed SIEM and SOC Services
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