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GRC templated services

Most of Emantra’ cybersecurity services address the need for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

GRC services are designed to help organisations manage risks, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure their business operations align with their strategic objectives.

In Australia, government and some peak industry bodies mandate specific minimum cybersecurity controls and standards for member organisations.  This is to protect the overall integrity of the sector, its supply chains and digital efficiency.   Some of these bodies have enforcement powers.  Emantra works with a few to help them set and maintain their cyber guidelines.  If your organisation is a constituent of such a body or regime, you may be obliged to provide evidence or reports accordingly, together with reports of a breach.

Emantra knows several of these mandates well and provides services that will help our customers ensure their compliance in a way that knits into their overall cybersecurity strategies.  We currently offer templated compliance services for four Australian GRC regimes: SOCI, DISP, Finsec and Privacy/GDPR.  Two of these are featured in the panel below.

The SOCI and DISP-related services consider the requirements or guidelines if you participate in a critical infrastructure or defence industry supply chain, respectively.  The Fintec service covers APRA, ABA, ASX, Insurance Council of Australia.  The Privacy/GDPR service covers the Australian Privacy Principles enshrined in the Australian Privacy Act 1988, the Australian equivalent of the EU’s GDPR standard, plus other GDPR implications when dealing with European-centric private data in Australia.

These compliance services entail analysing the relevant mandate’s application in your business context, a compliance and gap analysis, a recommendation report and action plan, and the offer of managed services to ensure ongoing compliance.   If they require a significant priority shift in your organisation, we recommend that you obtain legal advice. 

Although these are pre-templated services, we recommend you allow thirty days before implementation so Emantra can conduct a proper discovery and business analysis.  We want to make sure you receive optimal value for your money.

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