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Sovereign Hosting

Emantra is one of the few Australian managed service providers to offer both Sovereign (private) hosting and Managed public cloud services and a hybrid combination. 

Each of these platforms has its demonstrable advantages.

For example, Sovereign solutions can typically offer more bespoke service design, Australian compliance, cost advantages over the long term, and full local support. Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS can offer more in terms of elasticity, instant scalability, less global latency and advanced data science capability.

Emantra is impartial between the two platforms and has expertise in both. After analysing your needs, we will make a recommendation to suit your requirements and budget as part of our free pre-sales service.

At Emantra, both platforms benefit from the same customer service approach, ISO 27000 principles, SOC team and support desk.

The panel below discusses Emantra’s Sovereign Hosting solutions. For information on Emantra’s Managed Cloud Services, please click this link.


Sovereign Hosting has been Emantra’s core competency since 2005.

Emantra operates its own private hosting platforms housed within secure tenancies in Tier 3 or 4 Australian-owned and controlled data centres nationwide, which are interconnected by redundant private fibre.

The service uses scalable physical or virtual machines, dedicated or multi-tenanted instances, with virtualisation by Hyper-V and VMware. 

Custom levels of infrastructure and redundancy are available, including load-balanced or dual-active architecture, for more robust performance and resilience. Emantra’s service will include the design of the network if required.

The service is managed by Emantra’s Australian NOC/SOC, which offers 24/7 automated monitoring and alert, business hours full technical support and customer response, and after-hours escalation of P1 security incidents. Emantra offers an uptime SLA of 99.5% as a minimum and guaranteed response and fix times per an agreed matrix. 

Connectivity to the internet or VPN is via Emantra’s redundant high-speed Telstra and Vocus links. Hosted services for APS agencies are also published to the Australian Government ICON network upon sponsorship. 

The whole service is designed and built for compliance with the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) at the PROTECTED level. Emantra operations follow the ITIL V.4 ITSM Framework.  

Emantra can curate a specific IRAP assessment and certification of your particular service, including your applications and storage layers if required.

Emantra is an ISO 27000-certified entity. It maintains a commitment to continual service improvement.