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I read the news today oh boy.

As we head into the new year, there’s a lot of gloomy news about cyber crime.  It’s easy to perpetuate the negative message that things are getting so bad.  Like the road toll however, we think a time will come when a combination of technology, regulation, smart thinking and good old market forces will turn the tide.  There are many benefits of strong cyber resilience over and above risk management.  It forces efficiency and thoroughness in systems, a better understanding of the company’s way of doing business by its executive and whole team, better documentation to hand on and train new staff, robust ways of dealing with partners and customers; so many things that are productive and valuable to business other than the negative connotations.  And it’s not all about crime, it’s also about what can happen if people make mistakes or if nature gets in the way….  Let’s accentuate the positive!


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