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Privileged Access Management

Secure the Keys to Your Kingdom

Who has access to your core business systems? Our Privileged Access Management experience includes auditing and analysis of Windows and UNIX system credentials, including Domain, Enterprise and Schema Admin accounts, local server accounts and service accounts, to pinpoint weak points in your identity management system.

Under the ACSC ISM and ISO27001, it is a requirement that privileged access is assigned to a different User ID than is used for day to day business activities. Yet the common response by many, is to create administrative accounts with the “Domain Admin” privilege.

Emantra’s security team has deep experience in managing privileged access management programs, including implementing “tiering”, DevSecOps and secret management, and the implementation of privilege management processes.

Emantra has partnerships with leading Privileged Access Management software providers

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Emantra’s managed services are backed by  Service Level Agreements (SLA) outlining our commitment and guarantee to meet your expectations of service.

Emantra’s SLAs ensure the delivery of high-quality services and the achievement of specific performance targets, with clear metrics and standards defined to meet your specific response and resolution times, availability and uptime, and system performance.

Delivery to these agreed metrics is backed by our commitment to remediate any shortfall and strict financial penalties.

We strive to exceed the expectations outlined in our SLAs. Emantra has a strong track record of exceeding 99.99% availability across it’s customer base through our resilient platform architectures.

A range of Managed IT services to suit your business

Whether you need to outsource a small portion of your IT Security needs to meet compliance requirements, host your website on certified Australia Sovereign infrastructure, or all of your IT management needs, Emantra’s managed IT services can be tailored to your business need. Our services include, but are not limited to: