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enterprise cyber risk management


Emantra offers a module by module approach to modern ECRM-as-a-Service. 

If you have an established cyber capability but your gap analysis points up the need for a SIEM, or stronger firewalls, email hygiene, DNS protection etc, Emantra can design and deliver a service to meet that need.  Many services are pre-templated. 

We can either manage the service entirely, complete with 24/7 coverage and escalation if required, or guide your team itself through the process and periodically check back.  All services are supported locally by Emantra’s own SOC team.

These services come complete with licences and can be hosted on our infrastructure or yours.  Emantra has Gold-level partnership arrangements with the software vendors below, including staff with professional accreditation in these tools.  

If you don’t see what you need here, or require further guidance please call Emantra on 1300 728953 for a no-charge initial consultation.

identify and protect



GOVERNANCE and awareness

identify and protect SERVICES

Fully managed services designed to provide front line intrusion protection and monitoring

The identify function entails determining an organisation’s critical functions and what cybersecurity risks could disrupt those functions. Additionally, detecting current risks, existing digital assets, and organisational roles are all essential elements of this step. This function’s purpose is to establish an organisational understanding of the management of cyber risks to an organisation’s sensitive information and capabilities.

The protect function defines the relevant safeguards required to deliver critical infrastructure services. As soon as critical functions are identified, the organization can prioritize them and prioritize their cybersecurity efforts accordingly. Simply put, this function reinforces the organization’s capability to minimize any effect resulting from a cybersecurity incident.

Emantra services in this field include:

  • Secure Internet Gateway (PROTECTED)
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Secure Platform Design
  • Web Application Filtering
  • Ransomware-proof Storage Solutions
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Premium DDoS Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Authentication, Authorisation and Accountability (AAA)
  • Cloud Access Security Broking
  • DNS Protection
  • Email Hygiene
  • Patch management
  • Penetration testing

Detect cyber events

Fully managed services designed to detect and alert to successful (and unsuccessful) intrusion attempts

The organisation must have the relevant measures in place to be able to promptly detect cyber events and other incidents, whether originating outside or inside the organisation. Inside events many be malicious or simply process errors which can be just as damaging.  This function mainly includes continuous monitoring and threat hunting to timely identify any unusual activity or anomalies.

Emantra services in this field include:

  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender services
  • Real time threat detection
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Advanced Threat Hunting
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Continuous Edge Monitoring
  • Log Parsing and Analysis

respond and recover

Fully managed services designed to coordinate a cyber event response and provide business continuity

The respond function is about implementing relevant measures concerning a detected cybersecurity incident and aids an organisation’s ability to accommodate its impact. For example, response planning, analysis, mitigation are some of the techniques that can contain the impacts of cyber incidents.

Finally, an organisation needs a strategic plan to restore any capabilities or services that were damaged as a consequence of a cybersecurity incident in the most cost effective and socially responsible manner. 

Emantra can provide valuable assistance in this area by providing:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Managed SIEM
  • Managed Back Up systems
  • Change Management

Governance and awareness

Fully managed or advisory services designed to improve cyber risk awareness and compliance requirements

Emantra services in the field of governance include:

  • Board advisories on enterprise cyber posture
  • Implementing improvements based on lessons learned and reviews of existing strategies
  • Audit Strategies
  • Drill Strategies incl Red Teaming
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Contextual Threat Intelligence
  • Version and Patching Awareness
  • Essential Eight Enforcement
  • ISO 31000 Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Curated Independent IRAP Assessment
  • ISO27000 Preparation